About us...

Cottage Computers is a (very) small business located in Ascot Vale, Victoria which has been trading since 1979.

What we do..

We fix stuff from time to time; we also can make and host simple web-sites, we even sometimes write code on occasion of find folk who can! - just ask!

Is your Budget getting tight, and you want to save a bit of cash? Well, it may be cheaper to fix an item than just replacing it, have it checked out first before sticking it in a skip(dumpster)! Remember 'out-of-warranty' doesn't always mean 'end-of-life'!!

We may have a local store soon here

Among other stuff, we have sold some ancient (well, 1970's) Acorn/BBC computer parts, Tek CRO's, Fluke DMMs and counters, HP 7segment displays, CF and MF resistors, Thinkpads, etc . New items are put up fairly often, both auction and Buy-It-Now. We have some nice bi-color leds, orange dipped tag capacitors, pre-bent 1N4004 diodes at present!! see our Eurocard stuff!!

what's under the lid!

Our servers are running on Ubuntu! Ubuntu LTS works for us!!

Geany Editor - it's powerful, Open Source and free!!!

Bits we love!

Arduino the microcontroller system with the funny name that anyone can use!

Raspberry Pi the tiny computer on a card, that runs Linux, and even a cutdown MS Windows 10. They are everywhere!

lots of great Open Source software at

We have looked at and done things with C, Python, Ruby, Delphi, AtmelAVR, PIC, ThinkPad, Arduino, Robotics, etc...

Now that XP is unsupported, and Windows 7 is moving to EOL (8/8.1/10 etc are not usable desktop OS's); there is no further reason for us to use MS operating systems, consider Linux Mint - a better Ubuntu version of Linux for the desktop...I use it!